One pan recipies

Keeping costs down allows the sailing budget to last for longer, so this means avoiding marinas every night and the temptation of heading out to restaurants to eat. The low cost alternative is to find somewhere to anchor for the night, and cook meals on board – or mix it up with both.

We have a Cookmate 1600 meths stove and a Cobb oven on board. The Cookmate 1600 is the same as the Origo 1500.

I’m going to keep a record of the sort of stuff cooked. I tend to ‘borrow’ these from around the web, but there’s a great thread here on the YBW forum.

Chicken & Chorizo (2)
Chop a small onion slice half a spicy chorizo sausage and cut up two chicken breasts.
Stick all together in covered frying pan on low heat till chicken is cooked through and juices from chorizo released.

Mash up chicken stock cube add to frying pan with half a glass white wine. Simmer with lid off to reduce wine stirring to ensure stock cube dissolved. Add two table spoons of half fat creme fraiche and a small tin of drained butter beans and/or a handful of button mushrooms.

Heat through and serve on its own or with bread to soak up the sauce.

Takes about 20mins and one pan.

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