Crossing the Berder gap…

..if that’s what it’s called.

Get the line wrong and you get swept well beyond where you wanted to go. This is us crossing some 8kts of tide to get to Larmor Baden on 9th May.

Video – crossing Tremadog Bay

This is just a few minutes of the trip from Barmouth to Pwllheli in early April, 2013.

It was freezing cold in the strong easterlies which gusted into the Force 6 range. It was a very exhilarating sail which saw speeds over the ground in excess of 7kts as we get picked up by waves. In the video it shows 6.8kts.

Log: Summer 2011 – En France – Part Two

And we sailed, and sailed and sailed. Over the two weeks the weather was superb and I was taken out every day to take the owner and friends, or wife, or kids to various parts of the huge lake. I had a number of trips to one beach where I was left at anchor alone, while the crew swam and enjoyed the crystal clear warm water.

Most days, on arrival back at La Rive, I became the diving platform for the younger members of the party. Great fun!

From time to time it was just me and the owner sailing the length and breadth of the lake. We sailed to all points and sailed both alone and in the company of other yachts. I shared the lake with a number of other gaff rigged boats, some of which made the video final cut.

But we can only ‘live the dream’ for so long, and eventually I was hauled out of the water, loaded with bikes again, and towed back to the top end of France for a sea crossing back home to the UK. I’m now back in the pig shed with the remaining caravans hearing stories about their trips away. None of them were anywhere near as exciting as mine.

Roll on next year!