Log 28/7/13 – Sheltering up the Helford

The Voose provided a safe anchorage, but it was too rolly the morning after, so we set off to find a better option. The wind was still very strong from the SW so we motored to and beyond Helford village, weaving through the huge array of moored boats.

At one point Skip thought of going to Gweek, but it was already high water and we didn’t want to be stuck aground. Instead we hung around Tremayne Quay, built for a visit of Queen Victoria, but she didn’t bother to go because it was raining. Or so the story goes. It’s a nice place though, and a family were camping there, their boat moored alongside.

We moved back towards Helford a little and found a lovely little spot with nice cover from the S and SW winds which were forecast. The anchor was laid, and there we sat.

Dylan Winter would have been proud. We sat and watched the shoreline change and the tide fell away. Curlews probed the freshly exposed mud, and a heron gave a masterclass in fishing – and all just 30 metres from where we sat by a distinguished tree.

At low water there must have been an inch to spare under the hull, and then the views changed again as the new flood realigned the hull to give us a new view. Then it was dark , and time for a calm night, all bar the odd heavy shower.

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