Track me on Marine Traffic

It has been mentioned that some of you would like to know where I am when I’m off on an adventure. Well now you can, as it is now possible to track my location using your computer, since the owner now has an iPhone app which gives location information whenever we’re at sea.

All you need to do is this:-

  1. go to
  2. in the search window, top right, type 235068824 then click search
  3. this then brings up the Zephyr record. Click on the number 235068824
  4. Then click ‘Add to my fleet’
  5. At this point you will need to register with the site.

When you return to the site to check where I am just make sure you check the box ‘My Fleet’. You should be able to see where I am, and by clicking ‘Show vessel’s track’ you should be able to see where I’ve been.

Log 7/5/12 – Gosport to Northney, then home

We were up and about early again; this time to meet up with Live Magic and Trifle at 7am before leaving Portsmouth harbour at slack water. It was cold, overcast, and the breeze was rising as we headed out past the fort and tacked to the dolphin passage.

With the wind now from the SE there was quite a swell too, and it was a little too much for Live Magic and she elected to motor. Trifle and I sailed on, and West Pole, marking Chichester Harbour, came into sight. Trifle had tacked further out, but we aimed to be upwind of Bar Beacon as there was still enough water above the spit for me to cross.

Once past the spit, the depth increased again and we eased sails and made 5.2kts through the water into the harbour. We split here, and made our way at speed on refreshingly smooth water all the way back to Northney.

Having been hauled out and packed ready for towing we once again met up with Robin (below) owner of Doug Lass. We were surprised he was still there, as he had wanted to be in France some time ago. The awful weather obviously has taken a toll on his plans.

Action shots courtesy of Simondjuk.

Log 6/5/12 – Yarmouth to Gosport

After a day hunkered out of fierce winds and rain yesterday it was time to make tracks back to the East. A plan was the hatched the night before that we’d make a 6am start to catch the tide, on which we had four hours to make it.

It was a very windy night, and at 6am it was still blowing and drizzling. We set off with one reef in the main and just the staysail up front. The wind blew over the tide to form a lumpy sea, but at least we were sailing again.

The tide was ripping along and we made fabulous progress towards Cowes, where the usual stopper waves were bigger than usual, and one of them came over the deck and into the cockpit.

One past the wind eased and we were able to shake out the reef in the main and fly the Yankee sail. We continued at good speed to Portsmouth entrance with the tide just about with us; it was 10:01.

Half an hour later and I was alongside in Haslar Marina. It had been a fabulous day of sailing.

The owner and crew have now gone to a restaurant in an old lightship. It’s the green one below.

Log 4/5/12 – Cowes to Yarmouth, via Lymington

As I write this I’m being tossed about in Yarmouth Harbour in a Force 6, my fenders doing their best to protect me. It’s 22:50 and the owner and crew have just returned from the pub.

Today we left Cowes and drifted on the tide all the way to Hamstead Point before the wind became useful. We then decided to pop over to Lymington just so as not to waste it. Then it was over to Yarmouth to meet the other Scuttlebutt Cruisers.

We watched a lovely little boat made ready for launch – just look at her bow. Stunning.

Log 3/5/12 – Northney to Cowes. Deja vu again!

Day one of the Scuttlebutt Novice Cruise – Yarmouth to Poole, which happens on Saturday.

We left the West Midlands at 5am, and were rigged, launched and underway for 10am – in the rain. A fairly uneventful day, with the wind far less than expected, so much so that we motored from Portsmouth to Cowes.

I’m carrying extra crew this week; the owners friend Barratt and his girlfriend Fiona. More tomorrow.

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